Car Accident



When I was in elementary school, she, my highest self, told me about a car accident taking place. I, still, remember it clearly…

Sleeping soundly, I brightly awoke and read the clock. It said 10:15pm. She told me my parents had been in a car accident. I wasn’t alarmed, scared or upset, I never questioned or doubted the validity or the source of the information, I simply rolled over and returned to my deep sleep.

In the morning, my father came into my room (which he never did) to tell me about how my mother was feeling after the accident. He said a few words and I blurted, “You guys were in a car accident last night at 10:15!’’. He simply said, “Yes”.

I have no memory of my father’s reaction to my message from her that I confidently shared. I excitedly and anxiously, continued with, “Can I look at the car?”. He pointed to my bedroom window. It was parked in the driveway under the window. (My parents never parked the car there) As expected, the front end was deeply smashed! 

 The knowledge of the accident came from such a deep and unknown place within me that I didn’t question its origins or its truthfulness. I KNEW it was true because she told me.

This was one of her bread crumbs she left on my path to my highest self. I have returned to that bread crumb and told this story so many times as I have tried to learn who she is and what she wants to share.

She has left many more bread crumbs since the accident….

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