Something Happen To

lighteningWe had been broken up for years. I didn’t have his new phone number, wasn’t sure where he lived, and hadn’t talked about him in… forever. But his name repeatedly popped into my mind in a strange way. Its like it was floating thru my brain. Was she, my highest self, trying to tell me something? Was she leaving me yet another bread crumb meant to lead me to my internal guidance system?

Anyway, over dinner, in a crowded, noisy restaurant in an equally crowded and noisy city, I told my friend something happened to Steve. With a doubtful and judgmental look, she told me nothing happened to Steve I’m just projecting the disappointment of Fred onto Steve.

I slowly and knowingly shook my head no a few times and said I’m planning to contact Mark, Steve’s long-time friend because something DID happen. She playfully rolled her eyes.

On the following day, I knew to contact Mark at 400pm. (Why did she, my highest self, give me this information?) After catching up with Mark, I asked the question, “How is Steve?”. Mark, slowly and quietly told me, “He is better, now.” And then the story began…Steve had a minor surgery when traveling overseas, it got infected, it got better, it got infected again… got better again. Since he wasn’t improving as anticipated he flew to a nearby country for better treatment. During the flight, the plane was stuck by lightening!

Immediately, I contacted my skeptical friend. With an I told you so tone I laid out the story in detail. She listened in complete silence and when I finished she said,” If you ever get any information about me, tell me!”

My friend’s response caused me to wonder about this voice? Why is she, my highest self, speaking to me? Having no idea how to make sense of these messages, I decided to view them as fun and entertaining party tricks…. dismissing it entirely. It would be years until I realized this was another bread crumb being left to return me to my inner guidance system.

Oh, and Steve is fine! He must have protective guardian angels swarming him.

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