Team Spirit

go-teamA couple of blog ideas are chaotically bouncing around my mind but she, my highest self, is far too excited to mold these soul knockings and growth thoughts into posts. My highest self struggles to contain her excitement about this weekend! I love when she is crystal clear about her desires and her joys. So often I get hints or a quiet vagueness or confusing words and feelings that I need to quietly and deliberately decipher. But not right now!  Right now, a team that excites her and astounds her with their greatness is playing this weekend. It will be so fun!!!

If that isn’t fun enough, before the game, she is having dinner with a joyful, silly group of people who make her laugh, laugh with her and share her team spirit (even while constantly checking and reporting the pressing news from Facebook). All week, there was a flurry of communication about restaurant ideas, foods we have a hankering for and potential additional attendees. While the emails sort out the perfect meal and its cozy establishment, the side conversation about dessert intensifies.

You, the reader, need some insider information…..our group has been eating thru the dessert menu at what has become our favorite bakery. We have been taking turns choosing the dessert for our gatherings. This time the game-watching-venue host has chosen. His love of rich and gooey peanut butter dessert has made his decision easy. It’s peanut butter pie with chocolate ganache for all. All that is left is the ordering and pick up of the sweet and savory dish.

All week, she, has been distracted by the daydreams of the sport’s team spirit, the dinner and dessert team’s spirit and the spirit of her friends.  Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype…..

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