Destiny Knocks

typwriterdestinyknocksAs I start this post in reflection mode, it’s strange to realize how many times she, my highest self, has guided me in big and small ways. I’m remembering a small way she guided me, back when I worked in a hospital. One day I was reading the internal employment listing, noticing a position that appealed to me. In retrospect, the title of the position was almost “speaking” to me. The title had this energy about it that drew me in.  Since, I had only been working in the hospital for a year, I decided it didn’t make sense to learn about this position. Plus, I felt committed to my current career path.

Each time the listing appeared, the title of the position had the same energy of drawing me in. Weeks and then months went by without my ever inquiring about the job. But unbeknownst to me, she, my highest self, was busy at work.

While I was working at my desk, Corinne, a person who worked in the department of the job that was “speaking” to me, told me I had to interview for the job. I told her I wanted to check it out. She charmingly said no I didn’t need to do any research. I needed to apply for the positon.

I’m sure you know how this ends…Yes, I interviewed for the position and was given the job. The Director of the department informed me that they have never hired from outside the department. My job offer was the first time. I worked in that role for five years.

I can’t help but wonder about her. What was she up to and why? Was she, at some level, preparing me for a job change? Did I pick up on some energy of her working with and changing the minds of the people in the department. And the bigger question why was it important for me to move to another department. What was the purpose of her guiding me? Many years later, I still don’t know.

But today, my phone alerted me that I had a message in voicemail. Turns out, it was from one of the coworkers from that destined job.



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