Mystical Cottage

mysticalcottageSeven years ago, she, my highest self, was at it again, dropping bread crumbs. Reflecting on these spiritual bread crumbs, always leads me back to my truest self and her eternal guidance.

I was somewhere doing something and ended up reconnecting with my cousin, Sarah. In the moment, I was told by my highest self to nurture and enjoy this reconnection. She told me by sending a calm and clear sensation thru my body coupled with a knowing within my mind. This experience felt truthful and grounding but honestly, I couldn’t comprehend what had happened but I knew maintaining the relationship would reap a delightful reward.

I convinced myself the reward would be work related but that never manifested. What did manifest was a small, charming, delightful waterfront cottage where I enjoyed friends, naps, and sunsets wrapped in a pace of life that only living in nature provides.

And, of course, the cottage belonged to Sarah which became available a few months after our reconnection.

All I can say is follow your highest self, she is leading you to gifts!  Where is she leading you? What does she do to connect to you?


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