Greatness Calls

greatness-callsMy last post Greatness, Interrupted told the story of a bread crumb moment when, she, my highest self, said, “You are destined for Greatness”, an intuitive moment that I didn’t explore.

About 5 years ago, I detoured toward exploring her sensations.  I felt an energetic pull to understand a miraculously successful sports team.

One day, when the television was on, I inadvertently caught an interview with the coach. I learned this coach collected books, 1st edition books; if I remember correctly. I believed I understood the pull, I’m a huge reader…the coach collects books…. Done! Connection made!

The internal gnawing didn’t subside. Becoming mildly open to her messages but refusing to watch games, I turned on the televised post game press conferences expecting to learn why I felt a connection to this team. The joke was on me!

Any sports fan knows the press conference drill; cliché, cliché, and more clichés….” team win”, “need to improve”, “good win for us”, “we respect the other team”, blah, blah, and blah. For two seasons, I listened to press conferences before I realized there was nothing there but talking heads. Needless to say, she, my intuition, wasn’t “speaking” to me. I had no sense of being on track. I would need a new game plan!

Accidently or serendipitously, I began watching their hype videos, their games, reading books written about the team, listening to personal and professional interviews, and listening to so much sports radio that I would respond to the radio while driving. I don’t know why she was present. My guess is that she is nourished by my casual attention and small actions. Eventually and quietly, I began satisfying the pull of learning about or maybe from Greatness. I learned that their Greatness grew from and was rooted in details; exact wording, well-crafted preparation, flexibility, and intelligence. I’m sure passion, consistency, self-awareness and looking inward to access belief and trust in yourself and your teammates creates a strong and agile foundation for the daily detailed work of accessing, maintaining, and deepening their Greatness.

But I can’t help but wonder why is this knowledge relevant? Am I supposed to be great at something? If so, what is it? And the greatest question for me on greatness is why am I being “taught” or shown the way to greatness.

Recently, there was a BIG win for this team. I felt happy and pleased for their fairy tale ending. Only thing was, it didn’t feel like an ending to me. This volume of their story was complete while she was “telling” me to go deeper……but why?

A Sideline note: While editing this post, I took a break to watch the news. Instead of the news, a program about this team was beginning. Is this a coincidence? I can only wonder…


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