Questioning Greatness

questioning-greatnessI’m trying to understand her, my highest self’s, vague message about Greatness. When I examine the attraction, and uncover the message, I feel liberated. Right now, I feel confused but open to going where she sends me. Writing and editing, Greatness Calls, has brought me closer. I think?!

Writing down questions I have about Greatness will organize the confusion. Ultimately, I want to know What am I supposed to learn?

–          Why are humans absorbed when witnessing Greatness?

–          What do we feel when in its presence?

– People who have achieved Greatness do ordinary things. They get their hair cut, sweat during a workout, stub their toe, feel pain, hurt, and sorrow, and pay taxes. Why do they appear super human?

–          How do we know when Greatness surrounds us? There are plenty of people who are public figures who aren’t great at all. So fame doesn’t equal Greatness.

–          If another’s Greatness can absorb us, don’t we need to feel it with in ourselves? Like sorrow or any other emotion.

–          Is Greatness only for some?

–          Do we all possess it?

–          If Greatness is innate, why is it hard to locate within ourselves?

–          What to people who have achieved Greatness done to access it, to believe it?

–          If someone close to you achieved Greatness does it activate your own somehow…. like yawning?

–          Is Greatness universal and our fascination is the uncleared pathway to our own Greatness?

She tells me the beliefs of conventional truth, that say, “It’s rare.”, “Only some possess it.” are soul damaging and limiting.  I don’t believe conventional wisdom, I believe her. But I still don’t know why….

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