Stairway to Heaven, Reprise

stairway to heaven, repriseI’ve been writing many posts about my mother’s “appearances” since her death. She has been busy communicating in various ways from the heavens.  These posts Stairway to Heaven, The Mother LodePennies Not Dimes From Heaven, Treasure! That’s What You Are!, Look Mom, I Won The Lottery! document her escapades. While the stories happened two years old, my blogging about them recently has made her “reappear”.

A day or so after I posted Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin decided to sing the song to me thru my car radio. Being the generous singer that he is I heard it twice on the same day. The next day, just in case I missed it the first time, I heard Stairway to Heaven, once again.

Standing alone, I believe this is a mystical event but what makes it even more special is that I’m not a regular car radio listener. If the radio is on it’s on scan. The timing had to be perfect! And so it was!

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