Plane Ticket Turbulence

airplane ticket turbulanceThe plane tickets…. first, I had them…. then I didn’t, but ultimately, I did! This post is a short one about sharing my spirit’s message with my at-the-time boyfriend. As part of planning to visit him I bought plane tickets through a broker because they were less expensive. The broker had bogus excuses about mailing the tickets I purchased. Obviously, being concerned I told my at-the-time boyfriend about the problem. Concluding our conversation with…. “but I feel like I’ll get them.”

My brain or maybe my ego couldn’t make sense of my spirit’s message. There was no reason for me to believe this plane ticket problem would be fine. But some part of me already knew the outcome and told me about it. I spent a considerable amount of time making calls, staying on the line, and yelling at the person on the other end who had lots of excuses that others must have fallen for. I was relentless!

It did end as my spirit predicted. I received the tickets even though everything about the broker seemed shady and a positive result unlikely. Decades later, I’m still curious about this event. Was the intuitive message sent to motivate me to act, to not feel hopeless or would I have received the tickets no matter how I approached this situation? I still wonder…

Have you had an intuitive experience that proved correct whether you listened to or not? PLEASE, share.

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