Healing Parts into Wisdom Thru Celebration

Two or three months ago I blogged about the effects of celebrating success. In 30 Ways to Celebrate Success, 6 Ways to Celebrate Success, and 6 More Out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success I wrote the surprising, healing, and sacred experiences of celebrating success.

My success exploration was sidetracked for nine weeks by writing for Niki Meadow’s, Kindness Challenge. But now I’ve returned to write about 5 of the last 10 ways to celebrate success from the 30 Ways to Celebrate Success list. In this post, I’m honoring my work and growth from completing the Kindness Challenge. My first ever blog challenge.

The activities I have chosen from the original list are sleep, watch a favorite TV show or movie, whistle, take a run, and go to the gym. To be completely honest I aligned these original ideas with activities that I prefer. Sleep became have a lazy day, take a run became go to yoga, and going to the gym became go to yoga twice in one day.

While the yoga, laziness, and whistling brought great amounts of joy and rejuvenation, watching one of my favorite movies delivered healing. I curled up on the sofa and watched the Sex and the City movie. While I enjoyed seeing this movie for the millionth time, I was surprised that I felt some heartache while watching. If you know this movie, you are aware that it isn’t a sad, scary, or gut- wrenching movie. It’s all about fun with funny story lines about friendship and love relationships.

The movie’s story didn’t cause a feeling of heart ache but while watching it I felt an ache of tenderness toward myself. I intuited that the tenderness emerged because I was treating myself kindly. I gave myself something that a tiny part of me needed and wanted. I realized this tiny part of myself needed and wanted recognition for the wisdom accessed while writing for the kindness challenge.

Watching the movie in celebration mode crafted a space of internal quiet and happiness. This positive zone invited this unseen part to emerge. This emerging part felt desperate to be acknowledged and admired for its wisdom. It was thrilled to experience something it needed and craved. This small part was like a seedling that being watered via the quiet space  and given sunlight as the recognition. This combination of quiet space and recognition was nourishment for this once hidden part to grow strong enough to bloom from the darkness. This blooming was moving into consciousness. Becoming part of consciousness was healing. This healing allowed me to experience the wisdom inside of me as well as to teach me that wisdom easily emerges when I’m in a state of joyful, peaceful quietness.

That’s wisdoms way into consciousness… thru a joyful, peaceful quietness.

All this wisdom from a list, a favorite movie, and a blog post. Who knew? Apparently, wisdom does.

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