10 Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers

While I write about intuition, I wanted to share what I learned as a new blogger. I’m hoping these pieces of advice guide you.

As a Liebster Award Nominee, I was asked what advice would I give new bloggers. So here is my advice based on my successful, fun, and frustrating experiences.

1.    Just start.

All I knew was that I wanted to write about my intuition.  I started with posts about childhood experiences. The posts have grown and changed as my life rolls along.

 2.    Make space so ideas and relationships can appear.

Being new to blogging I didn’t know there were awards, challenges, and groups to join. Because I made space for the unknown, I have made interesting blog friends, written about things I never would have considered, and joined a challenge that provided needed organization and support. The people and topics have enriched my life.

 3.    Edit. Proofread. Edit. Proofread.

Publish your best effort. I still catch mistakes even though I proofread…over and over and over.

 4.    Keep your posts short.

It can be more meaningful and memorable.

 5.    Search any question you have.

I have learned about SEO, Monetization, Social Media, etc. because I searched via the question in my head. Examples-How do I monetize my blog? When is the best time to start to monetize my blog? How do I increase my readership? What is SEO? Why should I care about SEO?

 6.    Join Facebook Groups.

Great way to get answers to questions. Learn what is successful and what is frustrating. Reaching out eases the pain and shares the joy!

 7.    Grow an authentic Twitter following.

Find the most popular people in your niche. Follow them and their followers.

 8.    Use Word Press Reader to meet bloggers in your niche.

Make authentic contacts. Share a post or your blog if it makes sense.

 9.    Just do one thing at a time! It can be overwhelming.

 10.  As you grow and change so will your blog. That is okay!




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    Informative! In number 2, how do you find groups and challenges? That sounds like fun and a great way to connect!


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      Julia Flynn

      If you check out Word Press Reader and search challenges. On Facebook, I belong to a couple of groups that discuss what I’m interested in. You can join them. Blogging 101 is a massive group. New bloggers are always writing in and asking questions. Does that help?


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