How to Experience Self-love’s Emotional Healing and Guiding Wisdom

While contemplating the emotional healing effects of self-love, I could hear Lionel Richie and his Commodores quietly singing lines from Sweet Love, a 1974 classic rhythm and blues song  

  ”Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Sweet love (Sweet love, well)

I know you’re searchin’
I know you’re searchin’ for a little love”

 While it’s widely understood that self-love feels good and self-loving actions can provide relaxation or a sense of calm, self-loves magic lies in its ability to be a healing balm and a guiding wisdom.

 To access it’s healing effects, imagine your inner emotional landscape being bathed in self-love. This act creates a safe space for large or small chunks of depression, fear, or hurt to emerge to soothe themselves.

The wounds and traumas that birthed these feelings can feel safe, loved, and cared for. This healing experience has the effect of the first warm summer-like day. When you feel pulled by the sunlight and warm air to stroll a path or sit outside on the steps. It’s a feeling of refreshment, peace, and relaxation.

 As willing participants, our repressed parts, or at least some of them, may awaken. Maintaining the self-loving image can loosen unnamed hurts. Supplying you with moments for repressed feeling to move to consciousness and release, creating more positive energy.

 Self-love applies guiding wisdom when we quiet our self-talk, feel our self-love, then listen for self-loves guidance thru words that pop in our minds or sensations within our bodies. Giving self-love’s ideas a try will move us away from distractions or bad habits and toward healthier life choices. Self-love wants a healthy life style to thrive. Self-love loves to provide the guidance to create it.

 Self-love’s energy may lead you toward an activity that provides relaxation and self-discovery. For example, you could be led to watch a police drama whose healthy familial relationships may acknowledge a part of yourself that wants to be part of a tight-knit family that supports, connects, and cares for each show. Maybe self-love shares its guidance thru song lyrics or an overheard conversation.

 Self-love speaks quietly and customizes its messages. The nourishment from self-love is long lasting. Your job is to become internally quiet enough to listen.

How can you give self-love a chance? What has self-love healed? How has self-love guided you?



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