Distraction: Friend? Foe? Mentor?

Focus is needed to eliminate distractions! Really?! What if distraction is a tool used by a deeper part of ourselves to take us by the hand and walk us to our truth.

Pushing distractions away, doubling down on concentration and judging ourselves for being distracted are viewed as admiral actions to admonish distraction, the evil killer of dreams, production, and to do lists.

But what if distraction isn’t trying to hinder us. What if it’s a relentless work horse instead of a work denier? What if intuition, spirit guides, God, (whatever you call the mystical energies in life) are trying to grab your attention? What if these mysteries are using distraction to clear the bramble strewn pathway toward a fulfilling life? What if distraction is the relentless tool that is working madly to chart a new course?

What if it gnaws to guide us toward what better serves us? What if it is begging us to take a deeper look inside the heart? What if distraction is a cry to heal deeply lodged pain so life energy is freed to align us with a satisfying and deeper life? What if distraction is annoyingly poking at your fixed plans as guidance to repair a strained relationship with a coworker, friend, or child? What if distraction appears while working on a project because more information is needed to solve the problem before taking another step?

What if distraction knows the answer is no but we push doggedly for a yes? What if distraction knows the answer is yes but we block the resources trying to come thru? What if distraction surfaces during a workout because the bodies intelligence is signaling a need for new experiences? What if distraction is indicating it’s breaktime, a moment for renewal?

What if distraction is guiding us to savor a celebratory experience to integrate the benefits of growth?  What if distraction is intuition switching your attention toward your dharma?

But instead, distraction is labeled as problematic, then judged, and pushed aside.  What if distraction is how souls speak to lead us to our heart’s truth, intuition’s guidance, unhealed emotional wounds, or happiness that desires to be shared?

What if distraction is the wisest of friends? What if it’s a mentor? What would be learned if a moment was spent listening to distraction tell us why it has arrived?  What if…


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