Blogmas’ Ingredients – day 2

Happy Blogmas! Or is it Merry Blogmas?!

Either way it’s necessary to get creative with posts since my introduction to Blogmas was November 30 and it got rolling December 1! For those of you just learning that Blogmas is a thing, let me explain. From December 1-25  Blogmas participants all over the globe will create a Christmas themed post to be posted daily.

Which is a little tricky because I don’t really care about Christmas!!! I’m jumping in to see if Blogmas can shift my attitude.  Here goes!

A Blogmas Mini Project-Step one is the list. (Santa gave me the idea of creating a list ;>)

If there’s a recipe for success in life, it starts with picking the right ingredients.”

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    Crystal Stewart

    1st time I heard of Merry Blogmas. So if I understand what you said then if you want to participate all you have to do is create 25 daily posts-Is that right?


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      Julia Flynn

      YES! I asked around and learned that each person posts daily. It sounds like it supposed to be Christmas posts but no everyone does that.You can use #blogmas on twitter if you want to tweet your posts. It seems sorta fun.


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