Blogmas Shopping – day 4

I’m working on a Mini Project to participate in blogmas and shift my attitude about Christmas. I’m not a big Christmas fan!  Step One happened a few days ago with list making.

Step Two took longer than expected. Luckily, I found the ingredients, except one, at the local market. But the final ingredient wasn’t available at the earthy, crunchy, natural food market or Whole Foods! I know, shocked right?! Not having it in me to travel extensively for Almond Meal, I scratched it from the list and substituted Hazelnut Meal. Fingers Crossed it works!

That’s all for today!

I’m following Vincent Van Gogh’s advice, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

A “class photo” of all the small things brought together. I wonder if this is what Van Gogh had in mind. ;>


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