Cookies Are Ready?!?! blogmas, day 7

Have to be honest. The last stage of this project reminded why I don’t like Christmas. Granted some of the unhappy moments are mine to bear. Like eating half the frosting while meandering back to my cottage. Yes, I had frosting for dinner! Feeling kind of sick now. :<

Plus, I don’t like the last-minute runs to the store which Christmas has many. No parchment paper or frosting with a small frosting tip….so off I go to the store. After the helpful store employee pointed me toward the parchment paper, I wandered until I found the baking aisle that was empty of frosting and decorating tips.  Pink, purple, and orange frosting was available! The small tube of white frosting wasn’t.  Also, no small decorating tips.

With Plan B in place I purchased buttercream frosting using it to fill a sandwich bag, snipping the corner to create my own decorating bag. My enthusiasm waned quickly feeling that frosting is tedious. I never finished. There are a few frosting speckled dogs and pigs, some buttercream ones, and a large amount of plain old gingerbread animals.

Not being a complete Scrouge, I must tell you they taste good. If you enjoy a barely sweet cookie with a rich molasses flavor, these are for you! The recipe is from Oprah and Deepak. That’s Deepak’s quote about inspiration…

That’s it for Blogmas, day 7, I have a sink of dishes to wash! Bah hum bug!


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