A (healthy) Christmas Cookie! blogmas, day 11

As part of blogmas I’m making healthy cookies. Being a sugar lover, I search for healthier treats. This cookie recipe belongs to Oprah & Deepak Chopra. As spiritually healthy people I decided the recommendation was worthy.

While it’s not as adorable looking as traditional Christmas cookies, it tasted GOOD! The sweetner was honey and a bit of jam. I used a cinnamon pear jam instead of the recommended flavor. The cookie is hearty not light and sugary. It had the texture of a healthy breakfast or granola bar.

Quick to make!

Good for you!

Let me know how you liked it.


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    Crystal Stewart

    Cookies look yummy. Wish the recipes was in larger print. I know that happens sometimes so your not to blame my friend.


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      Julia Flynn

      Thanks for the information. I have a touch screen so I just expand it with my fingers. Didn’t think of that. Tomorrow I’ll take a bigger pix!


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