Decorating City Sidewalks Blogmas, day 14

“City sidewalks
Busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there’s
A feeling of Christmas”   – Silver Bells

Strolled the city streets; filling time before a doctor’s appointment. Imaginative and classic decorations were visible!

Crazy lightening on bending limbs. I wonder how beautiful it is at night!


Shades and textures of green decorate a classic fence.


An Irish Public classic and bountiful greenery.


Victorian Christmas Balls line the main street.


New York Times Images from the Women’s March framed by old fashioned colored bulbs! Political and Creative.


That’s a flying reindeer!!!


City lights with city lights.


Gentle and lovey winter scene in the florist’s window!


Happy Holidays to all!!!

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    Crystal Stewart

    I loved your post for Blogmas Day 14. Can’t wait for day 15.


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      Julia Flynn

      Thanks for enjoying the photos. It would’ve been nice to get the pix at dusk but I was filling time at 930am on a grey day! Gonna try it again in my neighborhood at dusk. Maybe tomorrow night. I drove around to see the lights. Plus, tomorrow it should be about 33 degrees and sunny. It’s been in the low twenties for a few days! Just too cold to wander the streets taking pix.


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