2017’s Blessings

It’s time to count my blessings from 2017 now that it has disappeared. Turns out to be a  list of  simple human experiences.

          – Patience to create websites

 –    Learning’s excitement

          Intuitive and Human support and guidance while escaping Irma

           Youthful Adventurous Spirit

          Magical wisdom expressed thru writing

          Surprises; Freelance writing with Conscious Talk Online Magazine

          Generous family members who provide support and guidance as I break out into the unknown

          Political Outspokenness

          3 weeks in St. John, USVI

          Yoga’s quiet and deliberate teachings

          Know it all intuition

          Pleasures and perils of living on Plum Island

          Peaceful, deep place accessed when taking photographs of nature


          Challenge and delights of living within a snug budget

          Healthy eating’s nourishment of body and soul

          Honesty’s strength enriching and solid clarity

          Football watching

          Reconnecting with old friends

          Healing with Energy Healer

          Support of acquaintances

          Pop up Activities


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    Crystal Stewart

    we all need to do this. But in reality, we all have more blessings than we can count. Have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous new year


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      Julia Flynn

      Thanks for your comment! I did a review for 2017 and decided posting it on my blog was a good way to keep it. Think I’ll create some resolutions or intentions or something for 2018. Then add that. Have a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous new year as well….my blogging friend!


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