Starving and Comfort Front and Center, Day 2 Cleanse

Yesterday’s healthy start leads to a filling day 2 of the cleanse.

Breakfast- Smoothie ; added mint to yesterday’s tropical smoothie

All the veggie soup ingredients in the post awaiting the veggie broth!

Lunch- veggie soup, homemade with onions, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, bay leaves, celery, rosemary, roasted garlic, veggie stock

Dinner-Peppers, Onions, and tofu sautéed with veggie broth and a bit of orange juice

Tofu, peppers, and onions sautéed in a bit of veggie broth and a bit of orange juice

Notes: It feels good to have meals mostly predetermined. It’s exciting to take care of myself. I feel good knowing I’m honoring my health.

I added mint to the smoothie because I craved a fresh and new flavor. Today I was starving at dinner time. Knowing I needed protein through the empty feeling and lack of energy I sautéed the tofu with peppers and onions. Since I’m not using oil to cook I added a bit of orange juice to the veggie broth to add a mild layer of flavor.  While the meal was somewhat bland without olive oil or a strong flavored vegetable, I got what I needed. Fullness and a hint of sweetness.

An interesting moment appeared today when a part of myself wanted comfort. This part was wondering where the soft, warm bread was. This “ahha” moment caused me to realize how often I reach for a small piece of bread while cooking or add bread to my meal when what I truly need is comfort. Important realization made. Bread as comfort is emotional eating.

Do you reach for food when needing comfort?

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