Smoothies, Left Overs, and Soft Taco Shells, Oh my! Cleanse, Day 4

The troubling repeated theme is I eat when I’m not hungry. Surprised at how often I’m needlessly noshing. After the cleanse, I’ll look more deeply at what emotions I’m eating and why. Ouch!

Yummy smoothie contents

Breakfast – smoothie; Dole mango, banana, and carrots. Added grapes and orange juice as liquid to the frozen fruit.

Late lunch/early dinner – sweet potato and black bean taco filling (no shell) and tofu, peppers, onions, and tomatoes, a chopped banana sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled bananas

I cleaned out the left overs for this meal. Bananas with a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon was very satisfying. So glad I tried it.

Tonight I broke down and ate a soft taco shell before bed. The part of me that demands comfort was pleased. I fought to deny myself but  ultimately gave in. I felt disappointed while simultaneously knowing a soft taco is a small cheat.

What type of smoothie do you like? So many good ones!

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