Cleanse Cheat Day! Day 6

This is the day I cheated! I had plans with friends to watch football while sharing dinner. Before arriving at my friend’s, I pondered how to find balance between being a polite guest by eating what was served while maintaining my cleanse diet. To support myself I brought carrots to share as a snack. Giving myself, a pre-dinner pep talk I decided I would forgo wine and enjoy sparkling water while noshing on some popcorn and carrots. Since dinner was angel hair pasta with pesto, I indulged enjoying half of the generous bowl of noodles while continuing to nosh on carrots.

Dessert was ice cream! I did not turn it down. It was delicious. Even though I noticed that I wasn’t euphoric like usual when I savor ice cream. I chased the ice cream with a delicious clementine to keep fruits in the fore front of my mind.

Overall, I felt successful achieving balance between being a welcome guest and maintaining fruit and vegetable eating. Because I had a plan it really wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be.

The day started with another fruit based smoothie and half a banana.

Six days into the cleanse I was craving some flavor. While I have not been using much salt or oil I broke down by caramelizing onions and roasting sweet potatoes. My plan was to create a cleanse like French onion soup. The caramelized onions were tasty while the sweet potatoes provided the heaviness the cheese covered top usually creates.

Pleased to say it did the trick! A soup that was flavorful and hearty made with veggies, herbs, and veggie stock! Feeling good and surprised how full I feel giving how little I’m eating. Hhhhmmmm…. I’m continuing to learn how often I mindlessly pop and shove food in my mouth. I predict changes to eating in my future.

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