How A Cleanse Improves Health, day 7 reflections

Day 7 of cleansing finally arrived! Reflecting is the effective method to drink in learning and implement healthier eating habits based on evolving self-awareness.

Pre-cleanse I ate when I wasn’t hungry.

Pre-cleanse I ate when I was bored, needed comfort (helloooo, warm bread and butter), or experiencing emotions I wanted to gloss over.

    I felt lighter, stronger, and clearer eating a veggie and fruit only diet.

I craved sweets less often. (Which is VERY unusual)

     Preparing food in large quantities ahead of time made it easy to stay faithful.

     It was fun to create recipes. Even if they sucked!

 It felt GREAT to prioritize health by eating healthy.

 Making smoothies for breakfast or a snack is delicious, fun, and easy with bagged cutup fruit. I always felt like I was having a treat!

Begin reminded of the truth of the old saying, “You are what you eat!” Healthy food in. You FEEL healthy. It’s very simple stuff.

 How my eating will change –

       Eat mindfully. Ask myself, Am I hungry? Ask myself, do I truly want this? Enjoy it fully.

       Make a mental or written note when realizing I’m eating emotionally not due to hunger.

       When realizing it’s an emotional need, feel the emotion until it quiets. Then ask myself again, Am I hungry?

       When I fail miserably and devour food due to emotions, tell myself the truth about (hey, you just finished a whole bag of Milano cookies in one sitting) and let it go.

       During the next few months, eat one healthy meal per day that includes grains, etc. The rest of the day eat fruits and vegetables.

       Be open and note shifts due to change in outlook, energy, and emotions….

Because “I really regret eating healthy today”, said No One ever!

How many fruits and veggies did you enjoy today?

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