Don’t Be Spacey in Cyber Space!

While discussing self-love with my friend Niki she asked me what I thought self-love “looked like” in my life. I explained in this moment that, self-love looks like not forcing something to be different from what it is.

Like my computer that is “living at the spa” so the technician can “exfoliate” files and “revive” my computer’s energy that was slowly drained from battery problems.

Without my computer I feel restless. I realize how often I snap it open for no true purpose. Self-love guides me to a deeper understanding with this anxious act saying, “See, Julia, this unnecessary behavior you mindlessly engage in is draining and unhealthy. Using your computer purposefully will improve your life.”

 Self-love cautions, “Please don’t open it and poke around the internet to busy yourself. It’s healthier to stroll outside or doodle while pondering, mulling, or tossing around ideas.  DON’T meander thru cyber space with all its meaningless distractions. HAVE a clear destination. Always remember- Don’t be spacey in cyberspace.”

 Mindlessly heading into cyber space is brain numbing and brain dulling. Even soulless, definitely creating a disconnection from myself. I’m surprised at the adverse feelings strength and how long it takes to shake it off. This repetitive behavior is NOT self-love. That’s for sure!

I remind myself that love of self feels enjoyable and connected like sipping hot chocolate with both hands wrapped around the mug. While being aware of the sweetness on my tongue, the chocolatey smell filling my nose, and the mug’s warmth in my hands.  So many senses at play…all devoted to the present moment.

Self-love’s intelligence reminds me that life happens in the present moment thru engaged senses. That it’s not self-loving to be mission less especially if I’m taking off into cyber space!  To increase the goodness of life I gotta remember self-love’s instruction…”Don’t be spacey in cyber space.”

Are you ever spacey in cyber space? How does it feel?

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    heather bean

    Thank you for this reminder! I’ve been thinking alot about this and how addictive social media is. Time to practice some more self love!


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      Julia Flynn

      Writing this piece for someone made me realize how often I do grab my computer mindlessly. It surprises me because I’m not a television person and only got an iPhone a few months ago. You are welcome!!! Thanks for commenting. It’s great to hear from you! xo


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