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I created the name Unbreakable Joy because I read somewhere that Joy is Unbreakable! We humans experience stormy, dark emotions of negativity as if happiness has abandoned us or at least gone on sabbatical. But in emotional reality our Joy is Unbreakable. The idea that Joy was only hidden during dark times felt true and deeply comforting.

Meet the Author thru an Interview with Bea from

The Basics –

Name:        Julia

Nickname(s):   none really

Occupation:       creating a life as Full Time Blogger

Country Currently Living In: USA


Favorites –

Favorite method of relaxing?    Meditation and/or a Nap

Favorite relaxing sound?           Silence

Favorite scent?                          Oranges just cut, Coffee, Babies (clean babies)

Favorite time of day?                Dusk

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? While I’ve traveled a decent amount, my favorite voyage is my inner world. There is a lot happening there.      

Favorite decision you’ve made?    So far, to be single. Love the freedom.

This or That-

Wild night out or cozy night in? Cozy Night

Beach or lake?                                Beach

Summer or winter?                      Winter

Spring or fall?                                Fall 

Sweet or savory?                           Savory

Simple Questions

When did you start blogging?     January 2017

Why did you start blogging?      Took an assessment that said my greatest motivator was creativity. Seemed mandatory to start  learning what creativity meant in general. Also what it meant for me. 

What inspires you to blog?       Creativity. The creation of words and website belong to me. The decisions around time and place to blog are mine to make as well.

What message or messages do you want to convey through your blog? I want readers to know and learn that we have innate wisdom  about everything. Tapping into the guidance from this wisdom is how we access our unbreakable joy.

In your opinion, what is the best post you’ve written? (please include link) What feels happy to say, knowing that I’m only 8 months into this creativity thing, that I like a lot of them. (This comment is coming from a sense of surprise not arrogance.)

The one that was the most fun to write was this one…

Let’s Get A Deeper Connection

What advice would you give your younger self?   Life is going to  feel a whole lot worse before it gets better. You will be placed in living environments that support the healing.

What advice would you give the younger generation in general? Most younger people have healthy priorities. I would say continue   with caring about people and the environment. Hoarding money is a  sad life….and an empty one.

How would you describe yourself?     Free spirited, Humorous, Curious, Caring, Outspoken, Intuitive,   Internal

What life changes have you recently made that you are proud of? I’m following the messages of spirit…my spirit. Even though I’m  confused because I’m growing and following new ways of being,   making decisions, and constructing a life. It all feels awkwardly unfamiliar and like my truth, simultaneously.

What activities do you enjoy doing?   Yoga, Cooking, Trying restaurants, Traveling, Meaningful discussions

 Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate it! Look forward to seeing you again.

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    Ray Laskowitz

    Thank you for following Storyteller


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    Thank you for your comment on Intuition at Simperi!


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    Congrats on the award!


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      Julia Flynn



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    Hi julia. Like your about page. We have alot in common. Creativity motivates me. and i like coffee, oranges and babies – even the stinky ones (not the scent though). I’ve also been around a lot. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing. I totally support . Find yourself, life is too short to be afriad to make on decisions. and Julia, sometimes being a little impulsive pays off.


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      Julia Flynn

      Hey Jina, Thanks for the pep talk. I’m adventurous but cautious. I might try being impulsive on for size. HA!


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    Thank you so much for finding my blog and liking a few posts, and following me. Hope to get to know you a bit better



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      Julia Flynn

      My pleasure!


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