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7 Magical Lessons Learned from a Guru named Kindness – Kindness Challenge

For the past 7 weeks, I’ve been exploring kindness as part of Niki Meadow’s Kindness Challenge from her blog The Richness of the Simple Life. I’ve had unexpected and magical experiences. Here is what a Guru named Kindness has taught me! 1.Week 1’s kindness act involved self–love.  I learned that...

I'll Get You My Pretty! Not. Kindness Challenge, Week 2

Grim, that is how the Kindness Challenge's self-compassion week felt! Self-love week was joyous while unloved and unseen parts bathed themselves in self-love, enjoying the warmth and healing. But self-compassion the sacred act of suffering with the suffering parts of myself; totally sucked! To support and encourage the suffering parts,...