Because He Is Supposed To Be Mine

he-belongs-to-meThis post is a short and simple love story. In my 20s, she, my highest self, left another bread crumb to help me locate her someday……

Once upon a decade or two ago, my friend called me after an energizing and fun filled sunny beach vacation. She had met a guy through our mutual friend. As part of the group’s vacation, my friend and this guy spent much of their time together playing silly, joyful games in the ocean, drinking wine, and exploring the nearby sites.

While she was ecstatic at the connection she enjoyed, she was clear that the age difference would be a problem and she wasn’t interested in anything long distance. While I listened to my friend’s enjoyable story and thoughtful decision, I heard a voice within me or near me or somewhere outside of my head say, “That’s because he is supposed to be with you”.  The voice was certain, clear, gentle and truthful.

My human self knew it would be true. At the time, some part of me was so certain of its truth that I promptly forgot all about it.  I had no need to ruminate or ponder because it was truth.  My thinking mind could make no connection to this information from her. This man didn’t live near me, I didn’t know him and had no plans in my near or far future to meet him. There was simply no connection. We, my friend, the man she met, and I went about our lives as we had before I was given this message of a future connection.

Years went by, and eventually, I was dating someone new. It was a lovely relationship, we enjoyed the beach together, ate at interesting restaurants and did a fair amount of dancing.  A huge bonus, was traveling to see him.

Yes, you guessed it! Two years later and a few months into the relationship, I was struck by the epiphany that I was in fact with him.

That highest self, I like to call she, works in mysterious ways…….

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