Greatness, Interrupted

greatness-interruptedDecades ago, I was mindlessly watching Oprah and admiring beautiful dresses in Vogue Magazine, when Oprah uttered the words, “I’ve always known I was destined for Greatness.” I spun my head toward my roommate and said, “I’m destined for Greatness, too”. It was an awkward moment as my caring roommate gave me a doubtful and quizzical look while my face transformed into a shocked expression when I realized I said it a loud and had no idea why I made this declaration.

As I write this, I remember that my heart felt like it bubbled up with the words printed on it. Including a sense of “knowing”. These words were given to me from somewhere deep inside me. Reflecting now, I can only assume it was from her, my highest self, continuing to leave me bread crumbs to lead me to her guidance. Once again, I did nothing with this information.

Back to my regular life I went…. I didn’t investigate this any further because I had no idea that I could or should look deeper. I started to see these intuitive hits as party tricks, something fun, entertaining, and miraculous like balancing cups in a pyramid shape while riding a unicycle.

A year after this bread crumb was placed on my path, she gave me this identical message again. My boyfriend, at the time, and I were sharing stories about being class officers in our high school and college years, when he said to me, “You are destined for Greatness!” Lacking any ability to communicate effectively in a relationship when the attention was on me, I just stared at him. I’m sure you can imagine what I was thinking. He never clarified and I never asked but there it was another bread crumb left on my life path……

What about you, do you have bread crumbs left on your path? What are they? What do you do with them?


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