Look Out!

look-outAnother simple bread crumb moment!

Reflecting on these moments; that have been dropped throughout my life reminds me that she, my highest self, has always been guiding me. Each time I write about another of these moments, I’m picking up the breadcrumb and studying them…finding it’s guidance and feeling my wonder and surprise that she exists!!!

OK, enough with the wonder…. this time after finishing dinner at a major city harbor side restaurant I stood to gaze thru the floor to ceiling, sparkling clean windows at the water and surrounding piers. I felt a gentle, tingling energy that was inside me and in front of me. Now, I know it was her, my highest self, giving me a taste of the future. The future sensation included a knowing that I would be living looking out large windows onto water.

My smarty pants brain got busy analyzing this one, saying how this intuitive moment isn’t remotely possible, to live overlooking water anywhere on the surrounding shores you need money. I shrugged the whole thing off.

Of course, her guidance was accurate…. because for the last 5 years I have lived in a cottage that has large glass windows looking out on water.

She, my highest self, is such a smarty pants……

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