7th Grade Psychic

fortune-teller-htmA spiritual bread crumb that was experienced so long ago, I must search my brain for the details but unmistakably recollect the body sensation and the words she, my highest self, sent me.

Like many 7th grade girls, I was on the phone discussing the school day. I heard a slight commotion from my friend’s end when her high school aged sister came home and told her family she was elected Class President.

In that quiet space, after my friend’s sister shared her victorious news and before my friend resumed our conversation, she, my highest self, told me I would be Class President!

Not knowing what a Class President was and not having enough experience with my highest self’s messages, I happily and wholeheartedly returned to the telephone conversation.

Three years later, I was in fact Class President! Just like my spirit said.

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    It is great to find a like minded voice. I have a blog- carliscorner.com. I write about spirituality and other topics that interest me. I love this story.


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      I agree. I enjoy reading like minded blogs. It helps me to use my intuition often. Would love to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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