Job Gone! Destiny Restores!

Job Gone! Destiny Restores!In my post, Destiny Knocks, I told a magical story about the intuitive experience of a job that was “calling or speaking” to me. While this was my first experience with “speaking” jobs, it wasn’t my last!

I was contemplating returning to a field where I spent 10 years of my life. To reintroduce myself to this field I believed having an opportunity to work short term would answer all my questions and reveal a resolution. While searching the internet to find the perfect opportunity, a job appeared that I sensed was mine.

Because the intuitive sensation scared me, I dismissed the illogical information and applied for other jobs. Told myself I would apply for this job tomorrow. On the next day, when I returned to the job search site, the job was gone. I felt mad at myself for being such a scaredy cat and ignoring my intuitive information. I mean why was I making such a big deal over it! What was so scary! But there was nothing I could do about it now. The job was gone!

The next day, it returned. HHHmmmmm, what was happening…

Since I was given a second chance, I wasn’t about to pass it up. I forwarded the paperwork to the appropriate person. Was only partly surprised when I received the call for the interview. I’m sure you (the reader) knows that I did receive this job. At the end of the conversation, I was told that the job was filled but as it turned out the new hire didn’t have the correct license so they needed to repost the position. So very interesting…isn’t it?.

I do wonder if the job was always mine. Did I lose the opportunity when I energetically disengaged because I feared my intuition? Did the job become available once again when I reengaged with the job?

There is a saying from Dante Alighieri’s, Inferno, “Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift”. Or maybe Alighieri is correct. This job was my gift. It could never have been taken from me. But still, I wonder…

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    Quite the thought isn’t it?! I have learned to trust that voice regardless if even to my mind, it sounds crazy! Most often though, whatever happens is what appears to always reveal that was the right thing to do for whatever reason.


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      I agree! All of the best things that ever happened to me I never went looking for. They came for me. They have been the most meaningful moments that so far have lasted a life time. While my goal setting and plans have given me successful results, the stuff I never went looking for was the greatest gifts.


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