Kindness Without Expectation – Week 6, Kindness Challenge

Week 6 kindnessMission for week 6 of the Kindness Challenge: To participate in kindness without expectation. This loving directive taught me two substantial lessons!

The first important lesson learned is I don’t have expectations around kindness reciprocity. I’m not a saint or anything close to one. It’s just that feeling positive emotions is my nature. I derive no pleasure from typical negative campaigns, like misery loves company or the idea that people are smart if they are critical. Stepping away from miserable company and believing intelligence or smartness comes from curiosity and wonder…is how I roll.

What does this have to do with kindness without expectation you wonder? It’s that I’m generally kind because it feels good. Whether the person I’m extending kindness toward notices or not. One of the easiest ways to feel good is to act in a warm, kind manner toward others.

My second lesson entailed quietly contributing to paying a portion of someone’s dinner. I witnessed my happy, pleased feelings as I slyly slid the money toward the collector.  I distracted the gifted person by turning her attention to something meaningless. When she was confused about her role in paying her portion of the bill, I calmly explained that all was well and there was nothing more for her to do.  These few minutes of my life, proved to me how wonderful and heart swelling it feels to be kind without expectation.

Mission: Accomplished!


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    Rosie Amber

    You are a great inspiration.Lovely post.


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      Thanks so much! What a great comment to wake up to. You made my day!!!


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