7 Magical Lessons Learned from a Guru named Kindness – Kindness Challenge

For the past 7 weeks, I’ve been exploring kindness as part of Niki Meadow’s Kindness Challenge from her blog The Richness of the Simple Life. I’ve had unexpected and magical experiences. Here is what a Guru named Kindness has taught me!

1.Week 1’s kindness act involved self–love.  I learned that self-love is the act of sincerely listening to my personal truth; all of IT, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Respectfully listening loosens and frees the bad, accepts the ugly, and salutes the good.

This sometimes brutal, sometimes reassuring honesty reflexively aligns me with my soul’s truth. Self-love means loving my peace filled soul messages as much as loving my unhealed battered, broken parts. This self-loving causes a deliberate, meaningful, feeling of alignment. Lionel Richie accompanied my discoveries in All You Need is Love, Sweet Love.

2.The loving effects of Self-Compassion was our work for Week 2. While researching self-compassion was complicated the ultimate result was simple. Quietly shifting my attention toward compassion for myself slowly raised the loving and healing feelings while diminishing all negative feelings. The Wizard of Oz’s Glinda the Good Witch was the wise and available teacher of self-compassion in my post I’ll Get You My Pretty! Not. You can read how Glinda stood by my side until my complete attention was transferred from self-criticism to self-compassion.

3. Week 3’s goal was self-acceptance. Focusing on self-acceptance surprisingly invited a hidden part of myself that took advantage of the opening that self-acceptance created. An unhealthy belief was safely brought out of hiding to be healed. My constant unconscious and unhealthy behavior of looking outside myself for the support, encouragement, validation, and recognition that I didn’t receive as a child was the unhealthy habit. I was missing the people and places in my life who were providing what I needed to be whole.  I received images to guide me to this healing. The images are detailed in Ssshhh…..The Soul Is Speaking.

4. I was out looking for kindness role models for Week 4. I quickly learned that my attitude is what makes the difference. This excerpt from Coffee, Dark, gets to the point, “But, as I sip my satisfying hot coffee and munch on my whole wheat bagel with peanut butter…in a sea of kindness role models, I can’t identify kind behavior and don’t feel the safety, warmth, and joyfulness of kindness. As I look around this hubbub of coffee drinking all I can feel is a cranky, irritated, got up on the wrong side of the bed kind of feelin’. I can’t fully identify the kindness role models and see their loving and generous behavior because my dark, cranky self has blocked the lovely energy and blinds me to all the goodness I’m sitting in the middle of.  To find kindness role models I must bring my openness and kindness to the table. Lesson learned!”

5. Week 5’s kindness challenge task was to choose kindness. The significant lesson was learned by not choosing it in a moment that was ripe. Knowing that I could’ve easily been kind and didn’t take the opportunity is not a pleasurable way to learn. The quote “Release the joy that is inside another and you will release the joy that is inside of you.” Is what we could have experienced if I had done things differently in Choosing Kindness Shares Joy.

6. Giving Kindness without Expectation was the goal for Week 6. This experience taught me that fulfilling an anonymous kind act accesses my happiness. The joy of kindness obviously feels good but so does the anonymity. This anonymity had its own fun reward.

7. Our last assignment for Week 7 was noticing kindness. A magical event took place in Kindness Counts. By shifting from my negative judgmental head space into witnessing people around me being kind I learned that complete focus on someone’s kind act dissolves negativity and any negativity energy in the room.

Being part of this challenge has delivered a deep understanding of how kindness creates a more loving, peaceful, fun life. And who doesn’t want more of that! Be kind!

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    So true, and your insights are beautiful! The Dalai Llama said that his religion is kindness.


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    Love these! Everyone should live by this


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    I loved this article! I believe there’s good reason to start with self-love- if you can’t love and accept yourself as you are, how could you truly love and accept others?


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