Major and Minor Lessons from Celebrating

Over the last few months, I’ve been celebrating my blog milestones by completing the activities from 30 Ways to Celebrate Your Success. I’ve documented my celebratory experiences in a variety of blog posts. This post is the culminating event (insert drum roll) where I reveal celebrations major and minor sacred messages. 

Honestly, I was expecting this to be a light and fun topic to blog about. Who doesn’t enjoy a celebration, be it big or small. Celebrating revealed so much more to me. Here are its teachings. Enjoy!

1.     Intuition knows what it’s talking about.                                                                          My advice is to believe it, listen to, and follow it.  My first post, 30 Ways to Celebrate, symbolically led me to a message that said there is more than fun involved in celebration. It’s sacred. There is healing and growth thru celebrating accomplishments.

 2.     Humans need celebration to grow.                                                                            In 6 out of 30 Ways to Celebrate, I met a shy, closed off part of myself that uncomfortably adjusted as the shine of celebration focused on it. The shine of celebration nourished this shy, closed off part into consciousness.

 3.     Celebration leads to balance and authenticity.                                                           In 6 More out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success I experienced that the act of celebrating created a space to gain balance. The act of and creation of a celebration, made space for my new skills to integrate. This integration created balance and shifted my authenticity. I grew into a different person.

 4.     Innate wisdom speaks when we are internally quiet and feel safe.                              In Healing into Wisdom Thru Celebration, I learned that tenderness emerges when I treat myself kindly. Because of this tenderness, an unrecognized part of myself felt safe enough to emerge and claim its success. This tiny part turned out to be a spark of wisdom that was quietly, living hidden inside of me because I rarely celebrate successes. The tenderness, quiet, and safety created optimal conditions for this piece of wisdom to become conscious.

 5.     Spirit “speaks” to you.                                                                                                  I felt an internal pull while writing Final 5 Ways to Celebrate. My spirit was “speaking” to me via this pulling sensation. Spirit was leading me to read about Japanese Tea Ceremonies. These ceremonies are meant to get us humans in touch with our spirit selves. I believe my spirit is teaching me that tea may be a more spiritual habit than morning coffee. Hhhmmm…. something to contemplate.

 6.     Spirit wants us to deeply acknowledge our successes.                                        Creating a Success Journal, an activity from 30 Ways to Celebrate, tapped into an unfulfilled part of myself that has been longing to feel happiness from being recognized as capable.  My Success Journal is now a positive part of my life.

While this series of celebrating has taught me much, my intuition hints that there is much more to this Celebrating Our Success thing. I guess I’ll just have to Party On to find out. Stay tuned….

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    Anna Kat Napier

    I think this is fantastic! I really need to start a success journal myself.


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    Ingrid Opstad

    This is great, it is so important to celebrate every little thing!

    Ingrid |


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