How to Win the Lottery!

Two years after my mother died, I wanted a fun way to acknowledge her birthday. It had to be something simple, something easy, and something original. After brainstorming, one idea hit the mark!

 In life, my mother was a HUGE fan of lottery scratch tickets. Something I often and happily judged. I had no idea why it was so appealing. Most likely she wouldn’t win anything and it was messy….all those little bits of black, waxy, scraps all over her shirt. I can only guess that she felt excited gambling. Maybe she daydreamed of striking it rich. Maybe it was an opportunity to make an ordinary or boring day thrilling. For whatever reason, she was wwaaaayyy into it!

 In honor of her birthday and obsession, I bought one scratch lottery ticket for the month, day, century, and year she was born. Buying the one that correlated with her month only cost a dollar. So I bought two tickets!

Seventeen is her birthdate. The lottery ticket that correlated cost twenty dollars! I couldn’t justify paying so much for a lottery ticket. I needed some time to gather the muster to dish out twenty bucks. I knew eventually, I would suck it up and buy it. But I wasn’t ready. It was better to move onto buying the lottery scratch tickets for her century and last two digits of her year. I did that. Pushed them into my bag and returned to working on my To Do list.

 With my errands finished, I eagerly scratched the black, waxy covering from the lottery tickets.  My first attempt got me nothing, nada, zip, zero. Couldn’t my mother help me out! She must have special access to things from heaven… can’t she just make me a bit of a winner for fun…. jeez.

Scratched another ticket. Nothing! I truly thought she was would love this idea and play along. But she wasn’t.

 After I scratched another ticket and won nothing again, I decided to “yell” at her. Mind you, I’m sitting in my car parked in a strip mall lot yelling something like “jeez ma, really, I’m not going to win anything!”

 She heard me.  I won ten dollars.

Still needing to buy a ticket that represented her birthdate, I entered the nearest 7/11 and used the ten dollars I won. My luck had turned because her birthdate ticket number was only ten dollars not twenty like in the other store.

With luck on my side, I scratched the last ticket. I won ten dollars. Then ten more. And then another ten, and another…. Woo Hoo! An X appeared instead of a number, indicating my winnings doubled. All I had left to scratch was the bonus number. So I did. It was another winner. Winnings totalling 300.00!

 Thanks, Mom!

And Happy Birthday! 😉



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    What a wonderful way to know your mom was with you while you were scratching the lottery tickets. She must’ve been in her glory when you won!


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      Julia Flynn

      Awww, thanks! It’s such a fun story to have. Love when the mystical and human meet. Thanks for commenting!


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