Gingerbread: The Abridged Story, blogmas, day 19

With a hankering for a breakfast pastry, I popped into a local bakery. While turning to leave…what should I spy but a tall, intricate Gingerbread house that was so beautiful, I released a delighted sigh…

Fig Tree Bakery’s  whimsical gingerbread house!

While this photo barely captures the magnitude of this creation, the masterpiece got me wondering.  How did such a whimsical creation become a delicious (if you like gingerbread) symbol of Christmas? This is what I learned from the spruce.

– The ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians used gingerbread during ceremonies.

– Rich Europeans got their hands on ginger during the 11th century from the Middle East.

– Gingerbread was made with ground almonds, stale breadcrumbs, rosewater, sugar, and ginger.

– 16th century Europeans molded the gingerbread.

– The molded gingerbread was fashioned into a story board of the latest happenings.

– “Queen Elizabeth I, knocked the socks off visiting dignitaries by presenting them with one baked in their own likeness.” (The original gingerbread man?)

Brothers Grimm of Germany introduced the gingerbread house (lebkuchenhaeusle) thru their famed fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”.

Hansel and Gretel. The Witches house.

–  North America loved the gingerbread house, making it quite popular.

And here we are with Christmas 2017 beckoning while romantic, beautiful, fairy tale gingerbread house creations proudly and sweetly stand in bakeries, hotel lobbies, and kitchen tables all over America!

Adorable, child constructed gingerbread house!

Massive gingerbread showpiece!

Happy Constructing! and Merry Christmas!

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