Cleansing 2017! Starting 2018 with Fruits and Vegetables-Day 1

January, Mondays, and September; the ideal times for reflection and implementation of positive change. After a holiday season of stuffing my face which has left me feeling internally unclean and heavy. I have taken my seat on the eat healthier bandwagon. For the next 7 days I’m completing a fruit and veggie cleanse inspired by The Plant Eater website.

 Jeff from The Plant Eater explains, “What’s the point of a cleanse?  Not necessarily to lose weight, although that can be a side effect.  Cleanses help to turn off your fat, sugar, and salt receptors so they’re no longer blunted by artificially enhanced foods.  Cleanses also give your body time to detoxify and take care of some other things it hasn’t had a chance to do while it was figuring out what to do with some of the harder to digest foods we consume.

What I know for sure is the healthier I eat the better I feel. Who doesn’t want to feel good.

While Jeff didn’t include caffeine in his cleanse, I’m keeping my beloved morning ritual with my coffee cup.


This 7-day fruit and veggie cleanse required no recipes or unknown ingredients to search for. It’s purely fruits and vegetables turned into salads, soups, and smoothies.  I roamed the produce aisle tossing my favorite veggies into the big, metal cart. Stopped at the grocer’s freezer for frozen chopped fruits to create flavorful smoothies.

My cleanse intentions include:

1)Load myself with fruits and vegetables as a reintroduction to the healthiest things the planet has to offer. With holidays snacks everywhere and an extended cold snap in my part of the world I have relentlessly been noshing on sugary treats, white bread with butter, crackers, and cheese.

2)Step one in a launch to increase my health goals for 2018

3)Return to healthy self-care

4)Identify triggers for emotional eating

Day 1 – Breakfast -smoothie made with 2 bananas, Black cherry flavored soda water and Wyman’s tropical fruit

       Lunch- Butternut Squash “pasta” (butternut squash cut to look like pasta) with Roasted Garlic, Fired tomato Sauce and Fresh Basil

Basil, butternut squash “pasta”, organic Muir fire roasted tomatoes with roasted garlic

       Orange before bed

 Day one notes: Feeling excited starting new and healthy behaviors. My morning and early afternoon was spent nursing my smoothie. Smoothies makes me happy. I think they are fun! It seems like dessert.  

Pasta’s ready!

For lunch, I substituded vegetables cut to mimic pasta. Topped the butternut squash noodles with fire roasted tomatoes and fresh basil.  A one pan meal! Nothing wrong with that!

Emotionally, eating mindfully and healthy feels good. A positive loving feel permeated my day.

Unbelievably that is all I ate today. I wasn’t even hungry for more.

Please join me in a fruit and veggie cleanse of your own creation. You and your body will be pleased with the effects. Fill me in in the comments below.  


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    Hi, I’m hopping over from Susie’s party. A new year’s cleanse sounds like a good idea. Maybe I’ll take that on, too. Nice blog. I’ll be checking back.


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      Julia Flynn

      Thanks. I recommend it. I’m using at a jumping off point. I’m learning I eat a lot mindlessly. I was surprised. Probably noting or researching that will be next. I’m going to head to your blog now. :>


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    Ronwyn Allen

    We all feel in need of this after the excess of Christmas and it is good to get a top-up in the fruit and veggies every so often to remind ourselves how delicious they are and how god we feel when we eat more of them. Suzie sent me so it does work


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      Julia Flynn

      Agree! I love how you have god instead of good. I do feel more like a god when I’m eating what comes from the earth…purely from the earth! Gotta go hit the puree button for the smoothie! :> Thanks for stopping by.


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