Cleanse Discoveries, Day 3

After eating a hearty dinner last night, I wasn’t hungry for an early breakfast. Thru the cleanse, I’m realizing I eat due to boredom or needing comfort. It’s both a troubling and important realization. As I continue to cleanse, I’m routinely checking in with my emotions before I eat.

Since today was filled with appointments, I carried a large bag of grapes to snack on. Packing the grapes eliminated any need to stop and buy snacks. It felt positive to know I had healthy food in my bag. This action supports my staying on track while cleansing.

Breakfast/lunch – Pre-cleanse left overs of black beans, onion, and sweet potato taco filling (without the soft taco shell)

Dinner – Whole Foods salad, filling the smaller container with arugula and their pre-made veggie mixtures

       Medium Morrocan Mint Tea

It was fun to have new flavor combinations in the dinner salad.  

Mostly, a successful, easy eating day. It feels good to care for my body and discover the impact of my emotions on my eating.


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