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How Self-Love Shepherds – Kindness Challenge Week 1

self-love shepherdsSelf-Love was the topic for Week 1 of the Kindness Challenge! In my post, All You Need is Love, Sweet Love, Lionel Richie and the Commodores’ song named Sweet Love was on repeat in my head while writing my surprising and healing self-love experience.

While reviewing my notes I discovered an extra piece of essential self-love knowledge. I realized self-love is the act of sincerely listening to my personal truth; all of IT, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Respectfully listening loosens and frees the bad, accepts the ugly, and salutes the good.

This sometimes brutal, sometimes reassuring honesty reflexively aligns me with the truth of my soul. Self-love means loving my peace filled soul messages as much as loving my unhealed battered, broken parts. The self-loving causes a deliberate, meaningful, feeling of alignment. From my mind’s eye, I can almost see a golden, flexible protective cord that gently shepherds all my tender and true pieces.

The good, bad, and ugly pieces exist no matter how I treat myself but the shepherding action of self-love comforts, contains, and direct the parts toward wholeness. When I criticize, dismiss, or judge these same parts the golden safety cord isn’t activated and the parts become fragmented, hardened and dangerous like shards of glass.

The negative energy directed toward the parts causes me to feel disconnected and so I am. Until I remember to welcome self-love once again…


30 Ways to Celebrate Success

honorthyselfHave you honored yourself lately? Elaina Maria, author of Happiness is Overrated – Live the Inspired Life Instead, says “Honoring yourself is not selfish, it’s vital.” So, I’m going to believe her and give it a try.

My mysterious intuition simply and confidently communicates to me that there is indispensable learning to be had thru honoring myself. My hope is my experience will support, name or add to your life experience, as well.

The natural and obvious place to begin is to take stock. Once my original list of blog ideas was completed, I realized it was necessary to evaluate my blogging pathway. What I noted was that I:    –  created a website   –  learned marketing tips and SEO  –  wrote and posted 30 posts   –  reblogged other’s posts –  posted quotes to inspire myself and others   share blog on FBTwitter, Tumbler, MediumGoogle Plus, Pinterest, LinkdIn

Readership Stats:                

January –    12 people checked out my 10 posts. I had 0 likes and 0 comments

February – 191 people checked out my 12 posts. I had 0 likes and 0 comments

March –     410 people checked out my 6 posts. I had 41 likes and 0 comments

April –        507 people checked out my 10 posts. I have 121 likes and 19 comments

 With my technical and marketing growth noted, I felt proud and happy. Blogging to heal my past, welcome my intuitive gifts, and exercise my newly found creativity has guided me to unknown parts of myself that supported and lifted my truest self.

This surprising awakening brought to my mind a quick vision of geometric shapes in warm shades of grey. Nuzzled at the bottom of the shapes sat an orange and yellow glowing egg shaped ball of light. The image pulled me in reminding me that my soul or spirit had a message. My thinking and feeling self sat with the glowing ember to give it space to reveal its message. I sensed that it was guiding me to honor thy self. The feeling was strong, important, and undeniable. Taking stock wasn’t enough, something about the glow of the orange and yellow ball told me there was something to be learned from honoring myself thru these accomplishments.

I started where I usually did when I’m confused with spirit’s message…I went to the “Oracle”…Google. Then searched How do I honor my accomplishments? The all-knowing search engine provided me with this article 30 Ways to Celebrate Your Success.  So that is what I will do! I will celebrate my success by doing all 30 and blogging about the experience. I believe my spirit via the glowing ember wants me to learn something, to know myself better; all the human parts and my soul.

I feel strange, a little sick to my stomach. I assumed only excitement and celebratory cake were in my future as I honor myself in 30 ways but it doesn’t feel that way. As the soap opera announcer says…”Stay tuned for the next installment of…As the Stomach Turns.” HA!  I nervously wonder what honoring myself has in store for me…



Mystical Cottage

mysticalcottageSeven years ago, she, my highest self, was at it again, dropping bread crumbs. Reflecting on these spiritual bread crumbs, always leads me back to my truest self and her eternal guidance.

I was somewhere doing something and ended up reconnecting with my cousin, Sarah. In the moment, I was told by my highest self to nurture and enjoy this reconnection. She told me by sending a calm and clear sensation thru my body coupled with a knowing within my mind. This experience felt truthful and grounding but honestly, I couldn’t comprehend what had happened but I knew maintaining the relationship would reap a delightful reward.

I convinced myself the reward would be work related but that never manifested. What did manifest was a small, charming, delightful waterfront cottage where I enjoyed friends, naps, and sunsets wrapped in a pace of life that only living in nature provides.

And, of course, the cottage belonged to Sarah which became available a few months after our reconnection.

All I can say is follow your highest self, she is leading you to gifts!  Where is she leading you? What does she do to connect to you?


So Insecure

so-insecureSo, I have a feeling, an internal and external sensation, really. It is subtle, bordering on imperceptible. It feels like a quiet, calm moving energy both inside me and outside of me. I’ve learned that this is my spirit, my highest self. But I’m unsure what, she, is telling me. Plus, I don’t know if I want to use time and access patience to figure her out!

She, my highest self, appears as I peruse the Boden Catalog. Boden, is an English company, selling colorful, sporty, clothing. She, wants me to learn something about myself or my life from this catalog. I’m coming to understand this because of the sensation I’m feeling as I turn the pages. I don’t have any idea what her point is but I’m willing to try.

The story of deciphering her message goes like this………I’ve always loved the Boden catalog. It’s fun to see vintage patterns on casual and feminine clothing. This time the catalog was trying to tell me something. Maybe she is nudging me to take a trip to London or to buy new clothing that I don’t need or honestly, want right now. No, it’s not that! I know this because I don’t experience that sensation of clarity. The “ahha” feeling that is a crystal clear signal from her, my spirit, that I GOT the message.

In reluctant pursuit of the “ahha” feeling, I hold onto my catalog. Usually I peruse; pretend I have Boden Bucks, imaginary dollars that allow me to buy everything I want, and then move the catalog to the recycle bin, after spending my endless supply of Boden bucks. But this time, I carry the catalog around because it is “poking” at me.

I perservere. While I’m looking closely at the photographs, she, releases a positive knowing. This validation inspires me and provides the hint that the message will be fully revealed by detailed study of the pictures. I get an idea that learning Boden’s philosophy and who the Boden woman is will lead me to the message. But, guess what, I didn’t learn anything. So, with my Boden Bucks spent, my frustration mounting,  the message unknown, I tossed the catalog in the recycle bin!

To release frustration, I follow the need to turn on my computer and start typing. Then it happens, the understanding that was frozen within me gives way…and I get it! She, is leading me to the secure, easy energy the photographer captured.  Feeling liberated and pleased, I know I have received the intended message. “Ahha.” Simultaneously, I know she is highlighting my insecure foundation. So here is the lesson – awareness of your insecure self must be healed in order to live with a secure and easy energy.

My insecure self, fears my easy, secure spirit. My insecure self is anxious, confused, looking in so many places for information, answers. She makes plans, turns ideas and information over in her mind. Constantly putting the pieces together and then rearranging those very same pieces. She tries to answer all the possible questions, anticipate every move of the players and the outside circumstances. Feverishly rearranging the pieces, trying to make a creation that produces peace, calm, and understanding thereby feeling secure. My insecure self can never get to security through these processes. The constant thinking, planning, evaluating, rearranging and reengaging creates the insecurity. Constantly working from outside information or outsider information.

But Ms. Secure, my highest self, has insider information. She knowingly leans over and reaches into a magical bag or purse or maybe even a doctors bag and pulls out what she needs. She is strong, moves with ease. There isn’t multiple steps and careful pondering and rearranging to gain the  knowledge needed in a situation. There is an internal quiet and understanding that dipping inward provides the message. The message is given on a small piece of paper with a quiet mind, a deliberate bow from a reverent posture. It only requires reading it, believing it and acting on it. Again and again.



Mind Pictures – Inside and Outside

the-cabinAs I have grown more familiar with spirit, she, sends me mind pictures. They are quick flashes of information that I believe come from my soul as guidance and gratitude for listening to her. For years, when they would intermittently appear I didn’t pay attention. But as I learn how spirit works I understand that these mind pictures come to guide me.

Recently, the mind picture was of a woman standing in crusty snow piles looking thru a perfectly clean and clear cabin window. The snow woman wasn’t cold; she felt certain and confident in her understanding of life. What she saw in the window was a person who looked just like her. The woman was inside a cozy cabin that had a large fire blazing and a solid, hand-made round wooden table. The woman inside the cabin felt gentle, open, with a heart led confidence.

Decoding these messages used to prove daunting until I started to use a dream dictionary. I would look at the dream dictionary meaning to identify and name what felt true for me. If it didn’t feel true I just moved on. Mostly, I was looking to see how something felt and what could be revealed to me that I didn’t currently know about myself.

My interpretation of this mind picture…….


–          These ladies are both aspects of me. One conventional and one soulful.

–          Each aspect is interested in the other. It’s a respectful, curious relationship.

–          It’s showing me the difference between a conventional type of confidence (clear, certain, head led)

–          And a soulful type of confidence (open, gentle, heart led)

–          The settings are showing me that the conventional confidence feels cold (snow, unsheltered)

–          And the soulful confidence is warm (fireplace), inclusive (round table) and provides easy and simple shelter (the cabin)

Right now, I feel like spirit is showing me the benefits of a soulful intelligence while teaching me what it is and what it does for me. The conventional confidence is familiar. The familiarity feels good. It is guiding me to the benefits of a soulful intelligence. Following this intelligence is warmer, inclusive, and gives me emotional and quite possibly physical or material shelter.

I wonder what else the symbolism is telling me…….