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6 More, Out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success

6 More...Out of 30 Ways to Celebrate SuccessIt’s time to continue celebrating my blog growth!

I hope you decide to celebrate a success as well because the honoring expands you into a higher self. At least that’s what I’m learning….

Celebrating began with my 30 Ways to Celebrate Success post, that created a foundation of guidance where I learned surprising concepts. The key concept is that celebrating success equals honoring myself. Honoring myself has a reverent energy, vital for a peaceful opening and growing into a higher version of myself. The reverent act of honoring myself is essential to experiencing growth thru a positive, life affirming energy. This positive influence is literally a light that guides me into a happier life experience.

Plus, it supports my growth in a way that is waayyyy more fun than picking at my mistakes and ruminating over what’s wrong. I for one, prefer to grow by kicking up my heels along this happier pathway.

In my post 6 out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success, I tried the author’s ideas and blogged about my illuminating experiences. For this post I did some cheering, breathing and a whole lot of nothing which delighted me. This post’s honoring activities:

Take a deep breath

Give goals a one day break

Cross it off your master list

Veg out

Cheer for yourself

Take a day off from work

Treat Yourself to a day of rest and relaxation

Let’s start with the deep breaths and cheers! Cheering and deep breathing a few times, in the privacy of my cottage, produced a pleasant surprise of a loving energy moving thru me. If this energy had an image it would be arrows pointing “THIS way”. Of course, “THIS way” is a positive experience where I dwell and reap the benefit of honoring my accomplishment. MY way is the opposite. MY way, maybe a lot like your way, has my body scrunched up, head down, intense face vigorously poking at the keyboard creating the next to do list. Moving on…as they say!

My intuition hints that my soul has teachings whilst in the realm of honoring. The soul’s teachings were revealed during the downtime activities suggested by the author. With space and time to contemplate, I grew to understand that honoring is a factor in balance and authenticity. By deeply taking stock of my accomplishments my balance shifted. I’m no longer who I was before the accomplishment rooted. This balance transforms my authenticity. My new skills and emotional growth make me different. I can do longer see myself in the same way. This quote by Patricia Spadaro spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you as well…

By honoring yourself, you are respecting, appreciating, and giving birth to your best self so you can give creatively—and abundantly—in ways that honor others.” —Patricia Spadaro in Honor Yourself

Skipping the honoring phase and doing it MY way; I would have missed living the experience of giving birth to my higher self.

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6 Out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success

fantasywire“I just feel really good about my accomplishments. I haven’t had, like, a party because a deal goes through or something like that. I don’t know. I need to develop that – I need to have something that I do when things go right.”, said Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. I don’t know if he followed his advice but I’m gonna follow it.

In my post 30 Ways to Celebrate Success, I set the stage to honor my blog’s growth. My original plan was to skip the honoring thing and create another to do list. But then I had an intuitive flash of a glowing orange and yellow egg shape. It was nestled beneath a grey geometric structure. While my human self felt enthusiastic about creating a brand new to do list. My soul, via the image, was politely requesting that I honor this leg of the blogging journey.

Knowing my soul’s messages expand and heal me I listened to my soul’s wisdom and applied 50 Cents advice. THE Google supplied me with the article 30 Ways to Celebrate Success. And I got busy celebrating! I grouped a bunch of similar ideas to start with. I planned to:

2.Share the news with family, friends, and colleagues

7.Thank everyone who supported you

8.Tweet about it

9.Accept and Enjoy the compliments

21.Write your (my) success story to share in a newsletter to colleagues, clients

22. Write a Blog Post about it

Sharing the news with people who have supported me and thanking them, was a somewhat easy step. It felt right, after a few quick pulses of fear that said, “They don’t care, they don’t want to hear your bragging.” Taking in a deep breath, I asked myself if fear was correct. Immediately, an authentic, caring part of myself emerged to remind me that they want you to succeed, to be happy, and to enjoy yourself in this process. They would feel joyful and happy to hear about your accomplishments. They are on your side…this is how people act when they are on your side. Of course, my caring self was accurate. I was supported with congratulations and woot woots!

I must admit that, I still haven’t fully digested #9 – their compliments. I do sense that this is a necessary act in honoring. Maybe… next week…. I’ll fully digest their compliment…It’s a lot of love all at once. 😉

On to the surprising effect of writing about my success (#27 & #21). A part of myself felt ashamed to write my story of success. My shame felt fearful of being humiliated and therefor unsafe. Shame wonders…what will happen to me as I open to honoring. Truth be told, this part of me is new to the limelight. And maybe it’s just too much attention.

As I dig a little deeper, I unexpectedly realize this shy, ashamed part wonders how this change will effect her life. My shame realizes this honoring is acknowledging the new skills and growth. This shy-shame part also feels a bit sad and somewhat nostalgic. This part of me reminds me when I asked my niece what she thinks she will be like when she turns 5. She very sweetly and sadly said, “I’ll miss 4.” The sad, shame, and shy parts are tangled together as they feel the growth happening. I assure them they can let go and growing will be okay albeit; foreign and bumpy.

As my shy-ashamed-sad self adjusts by growing into accomplishment’s shine and success simultaneously another part of me feels honored. respected from being acknowledged. It feels revered. This honored part has been confidently waiting for me to arrive at this level of growth. It was always expecting me, having no doubt that I would make this stop on my journey. This reverence is so profound. I must serve it by completing #8 …Tweet About It.

And so, I did!


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Kindness Challenge

kindnessIt’s time for the Kindness Challenge! A seven-week exploration of the act of being friendly, generous, and considerate to others as well as myself. Niki from The Richness of the Simple Life, is our leader as a group of bloggers delve into and play with kindness.

 My heart and soul feels full and joyful as my eyes ingest the challenge’s wishes. My humanness accepts that my heart and soul has heaps of knowledge to express. I’m already hearing my heart and soul say that is why you are on earth…to be kind and to live your human experience from the continual guidance of kindness.

 My human self is eager to feel life with kindness running the show…

 Let the journey begin!

Intuition 101: Connection

An indepth blog post on intuition… on how to get connected and how to stay connected. I didn’t want to lose this post so I decided keeping it close to me on my blog would be the solution.


Intuition is often a spontaneous thing. It floats in randomly and before you know it, it’s gone again.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be a random occurrence?

The thing is, our intuition, like any other muscle, can be exercised and strengthened. It is absolutely possible to be connected to our intuition in each and every moment, provided we are willing to embrace the gift of this inherent inner wisdom. We don’t have to wait until adversity hits or a big decision is to be made. We have the ability to live fully from this place of intuitive knowledge each day, allowing our inner GPS to guide us throughout the day’s events – from choosing what to eat, what to wear, who to spend time with, what kind of music to listen to, and how best to take care of ourselves that day. We can be fully and…

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Greatness For All

mindsetGreatness confusion ensues, even though I have been exploring greatness thru writing three blog posts named “Greatness Calls”, Greatness, Interrupted”, and “Questioning Greatness”. The most recent one, “Questioning Greatness” was an essential brain dump because of my crashing thoughts of the conflicting perspectives of my brain and soul. In this post, I’m exploring what I discovered when I searched, “What is Greatness?”

Of course, Wikipedia shows up with this point of view on greatness- “Greatness is a concept of a state of superiority affecting a person or object. Greatness can also be referred to individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others. The concept carries the implication that the particular person or object, when compared to others of a similar type, has clear advantage over others.”

My head and heart internally yell….” What?!, This definition is missing something.” To understand Wikipedia’s definition, I must analyze it sentence by sentence. Sentence one – yes, I see that people who have achieved greatness can be seen as superior. Okay, that works well enough for me… Sentence two – the whole natural ability thing -. I do think some people who are great have a talent/natural ability like Whitney Houston but would I say she achieved greatness or did she have a great voice. Personally, I feel say she had a great voice but didn’t achieve greatness. And honestly, I don’t understand why I feel she didn’t achieve greatness. Her voice is exquisitely unique. Is greatness more than a well expressed talent? Or is using a talent well, enough to have achieved greatness? As you can see, I’m confused.

What about Tom Brady? So much chatter about him lately. Does he have a natural ability to be better than others? I don’t think so. I think he is on a continuous improvement plan, has a crazy love for what he does, and practices A LOT! Honestly, I do see him as someone who has achieved greatness. I don’t understand why I see him as achieving greatness and see Whitney Houston as a great singer. Maybe there is a large spectrum of what is greatness….this idea seems true.

This Wikipedia definition feels like it’s missing something. My instincts say there is a spiritual component to greatness. Which would of course cause confusion since Wikipedia’s definition isn’t spiritual at all. So I searched “What is the spiritual meaning of greatness”. And I found something unexpectedly revealing.

I found Rosalynd M. Rambert who is involved with something called Aspire to Greatness. Here is the pages Spiritual Definition-” It was more than an epiphany, it was a spiritual awakening;” True greatness is a mindset. It’s a way of being, a way of thinking. In its simplest form it is about doing everything in a great way.” This definition reminds of what a sports radio talk host said about Tom Brady. I’m paraphrasing- He lives on Mount Everest where most people climb up and climb down the peak. It doesn’t matter if you are a Brady fan or foe, I just think that this illustrates the point made on the Aspire To Greatness Page.  The page goes on to say the following:

Let me further expand on what I believe it means to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS.”  To me, it means

  1. walking in a spirit of excellence
  2. being a person of great integrity and character
  3. exercising moral and social responsibility
  4. awakening to your true self
  5. being authentic
  6. being self-aware
  7. living life “consciously”
  8. showing up for those that need and depend upon you, regardless of how you feel and what is and isn’t happening in your life
  9. being a servant, being your brother and sister’s keeper in actions, not just in words
  10. being true to who you are without compromise
  11. intentionally and proactively becoming the change you want to see in the world

For the individual that lives to “ASPIRE TO GREATNESS,” every day they awake with a mindset that says:

  1. Mediocrity is not an option.
  2. I will make a difference in the world.
  3. I am pursuing my purpose with passion.
  4. I will become the change I want to see in the world.
  5. I will treat people as I want to be treated and not how they treat me.
  6. The vision for my life will be manifested.
  7. Today, I am going to be the best person I can be.
  8. I understand that my life doesn’t belong to me.  Therefore, I will show up in the life of everyone who needs me today; regardless of how I feel.
  9. I will live, do and be on a higher level.

This definition feels right. I sensed that greatness isn’t for the few, Greatness is in all of us.

My search also turned up, a video by a person named Ramtha. Her stuff blew me away and surprisingly resonated deeply. Her you tube video “The Spiritual Journey…Mining for Your Greatness” took what I was sensing to a far deeper place. Ramtha’s speach says we are accessing greatness when we mine for the exact word to express ourselves. These words come from inside us not from our school vocabulary lists. We all have access to our spirit vocabulary.

I believe her!  I have experienced words sluicing thru me. Every time the word emerged, I referenced a dictionary because I didn’t know the words definition. And Ramtha says as we continue the word mining process we access a richer place within ourselves…saying “Starting to mine deeper levels are part of the mystery of your greatness”.

Your greatness!!! We all have it! You only need to mine your spirit to name your experience…….And live your truth!