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How Self-Love Shepherds – Kindness Challenge Week 1

self-love shepherdsSelf-Love was the topic for Week 1 of the Kindness Challenge! In my post, All You Need is Love, Sweet Love, Lionel Richie and the Commodores’ song named Sweet Love was on repeat in my head while writing my surprising and healing self-love experience.

While reviewing my notes I discovered an extra piece of essential self-love knowledge. I realized self-love is the act of sincerely listening to my personal truth; all of IT, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Respectfully listening loosens and frees the bad, accepts the ugly, and salutes the good.

This sometimes brutal, sometimes reassuring honesty reflexively aligns me with the truth of my soul. Self-love means loving my peace filled soul messages as much as loving my unhealed battered, broken parts. The self-loving causes a deliberate, meaningful, feeling of alignment. From my mind’s eye, I can almost see a golden, flexible protective cord that gently shepherds all my tender and true pieces.

The good, bad, and ugly pieces exist no matter how I treat myself but the shepherding action of self-love comforts, contains, and direct the parts toward wholeness. When I criticize, dismiss, or judge these same parts the golden safety cord isn’t activated and the parts become fragmented, hardened and dangerous like shards of glass.

The negative energy directed toward the parts causes me to feel disconnected and so I am. Until I remember to welcome self-love once again…


All You Need is Love, Sweet Love-Kindness Challenge Week 1

KindnessWeek1 SelfloveMy Week 1 Kindness Challenge of Self-love had a theme song. Lionel Richie and his Commodores have randomly and quietly been singing lines of Sweet Love to me over and over and over. I inwardly smile each time this mellow song finds its way into my head. It was comforting, supportive guidance. Let me acquaint you with a few lines from this week’s theme song:


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Sweet love (Sweet love, well)

I know you’re searchin’

I know you’re searchin’ for a little love

The Commodores were correct, I was searching. Searching for my definition of self-love by starting with questions.   What is self-love?   What actions are self-loving?   When am I feeling self-love but don’t embrace it?   What is the difference between self-loving and self-centered?   When I am self-loving what does my life look like and feel like?   Does my life improve if I live from and with self-love?  Or does my life not improve but instead naturally align to my spiritual truth?

These questions revealed my truth of self-love. During the week, I experienced self-love as a healing balm, guiding wisdom, and a bunch of good feelings! Each morning, I gently reminded myself to feel self-love. I took a moment to imagine an inner emotional landscape being bathed in self-love.  Of course, it felt enjoyable, but it was so much more than that.

It created a world where unhealed emotions, like depression, fear, and hurt came to soothe themselves. The wounds and traumas that birthed these feelings felt safe, loved, and cared for enough to heal. They were called to the self-loving energy and instinctively opened to heal naturally.

This healing experience had the human sensation of the welcoming effects of the first warm summer-like day. When you feel pulled by the sunlight and warm air to drink it all in by taking a walk or sitting outside. It’s a feeling of refreshment, peace, and relaxation. This is how my unhealed feelings felt in the presence of self-love.

I need to go further with this…my repressed parts, or at least some of them, awakened. I felt unnamed hurts that were always carried with me, loosen up and bathe themselves in the presence of self-love.

My energy of self-love wasn’t only healing the suffering it was guiding me toward activities that were self-loving instead of activities that were distracting or mere habits. When I allowed my attention to follow this feeling of self-love it was like it was waving flags to focus my attention toward the self-loving choice. Each choice was an island and self-love confidently, happily, and purposefully waved her flag, next to the most self-loving choice.

I followed self-loves accurate lead. I needed relaxation and soothing by watching Blue Bloods. This family police drama allows me to spend time with a tight-knit family that supports, connects, and cares for each other. Their struggle and insistence on doing what is good heals and acknowledges a part of me.

Thru this relaxing moment with Blue Bloods, I sensed a very young child part that was ready for healing. This young conscientious part must accomplish grown up tasks that she isn’t developmentally equipped to comprehend. Being a pleaser, she insecurely attempts them while searching the adult faces for validation. The adults don’t fill her needs. This innocent moment in time sets the stage for a lifelong unconscious feeling. An unhealthy sensation of anchoring her little feet and stretching herself to live life years ahead of her emotional development. This adult pleasing part always feels emotionally unbalanced and insecure.

This week the young, stretched thin, insecure part of me was raised to consciousness and acknowledged. The energy of self-love pumped a healing balm thru me thanks to the requests of this week’s Kindness Challenge. While this part isn’t freed from the unbalanced and insecure feelings, yet, it is enjoying being seen and out of subconscious hiding. I can only assume that self-love’s energy will fully heal it.

The Commodores, singing this soothing and healing song of Sweet Love to me this week, offered self-love’s silent healing powers a sound and vibration. I guess the Commodores share the wisdom of the human soul and the Beatles….it turns out, it’s true…All You Need is Love!

6 Out of 30 Ways to Celebrate Success

fantasywire“I just feel really good about my accomplishments. I haven’t had, like, a party because a deal goes through or something like that. I don’t know. I need to develop that – I need to have something that I do when things go right.”, said Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. I don’t know if he followed his advice but I’m gonna follow it.

In my post 30 Ways to Celebrate Success, I set the stage to honor my blog’s growth. My original plan was to skip the honoring thing and create another to do list. But then I had an intuitive flash of a glowing orange and yellow egg shape. It was nestled beneath a grey geometric structure. While my human self felt enthusiastic about creating a brand new to do list. My soul, via the image, was politely requesting that I honor this leg of the blogging journey.

Knowing my soul’s messages expand and heal me I listened to my soul’s wisdom and applied 50 Cents advice. THE Google supplied me with the article 30 Ways to Celebrate Success. And I got busy celebrating! I grouped a bunch of similar ideas to start with. I planned to:

2.Share the news with family, friends, and colleagues

7.Thank everyone who supported you

8.Tweet about it

9.Accept and Enjoy the compliments

21.Write your (my) success story to share in a newsletter to colleagues, clients

22. Write a Blog Post about it

Sharing the news with people who have supported me and thanking them, was a somewhat easy step. It felt right, after a few quick pulses of fear that said, “They don’t care, they don’t want to hear your bragging.” Taking in a deep breath, I asked myself if fear was correct. Immediately, an authentic, caring part of myself emerged to remind me that they want you to succeed, to be happy, and to enjoy yourself in this process. They would feel joyful and happy to hear about your accomplishments. They are on your side…this is how people act when they are on your side. Of course, my caring self was accurate. I was supported with congratulations and woot woots!

I must admit that, I still haven’t fully digested #9 – their compliments. I do sense that this is a necessary act in honoring. Maybe… next week…. I’ll fully digest their compliment…It’s a lot of love all at once. 😉

On to the surprising effect of writing about my success (#27 & #21). A part of myself felt ashamed to write my story of success. My shame felt fearful of being humiliated and therefor unsafe. Shame wonders…what will happen to me as I open to honoring. Truth be told, this part of me is new to the limelight. And maybe it’s just too much attention.

As I dig a little deeper, I unexpectedly realize this shy, ashamed part wonders how this change will effect her life. My shame realizes this honoring is acknowledging the new skills and growth. This shy-shame part also feels a bit sad and somewhat nostalgic. This part of me reminds me when I asked my niece what she thinks she will be like when she turns 5. She very sweetly and sadly said, “I’ll miss 4.” The sad, shame, and shy parts are tangled together as they feel the growth happening. I assure them they can let go and growing will be okay albeit; foreign and bumpy.

As my shy-ashamed-sad self adjusts by growing into accomplishment’s shine and success simultaneously another part of me feels honored. respected from being acknowledged. It feels revered. This honored part has been confidently waiting for me to arrive at this level of growth. It was always expecting me, having no doubt that I would make this stop on my journey. This reverence is so profound. I must serve it by completing #8 …Tweet About It.

And so, I did!


Photo credits –  FantasyWire


Intuition 101: Connection

An indepth blog post on intuition… on how to get connected and how to stay connected. I didn’t want to lose this post so I decided keeping it close to me on my blog would be the solution.


Intuition is often a spontaneous thing. It floats in randomly and before you know it, it’s gone again.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be a random occurrence?

The thing is, our intuition, like any other muscle, can be exercised and strengthened. It is absolutely possible to be connected to our intuition in each and every moment, provided we are willing to embrace the gift of this inherent inner wisdom. We don’t have to wait until adversity hits or a big decision is to be made. We have the ability to live fully from this place of intuitive knowledge each day, allowing our inner GPS to guide us throughout the day’s events – from choosing what to eat, what to wear, who to spend time with, what kind of music to listen to, and how best to take care of ourselves that day. We can be fully and…

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Greatness Calls

greatness-callsMy last post Greatness, Interrupted told the story of a bread crumb moment when, she, my highest self, said, “You are destined for Greatness”, an intuitive moment that I didn’t explore.

About 5 years ago, I detoured toward exploring her sensations.  I felt an energetic pull to understand a miraculously successful sports team.

One day, when the television was on, I inadvertently caught an interview with the coach. I learned this coach collected books, 1st edition books; if I remember correctly. I believed I understood the pull, I’m a huge reader…the coach collects books…. Done! Connection made!

The internal gnawing didn’t subside. Becoming mildly open to her messages but refusing to watch games, I turned on the televised post game press conferences expecting to learn why I felt a connection to this team. The joke was on me!

Any sports fan knows the press conference drill; cliché, cliché, and more clichés….” team win”, “need to improve”, “good win for us”, “we respect the other team”, blah, blah, and blah. For two seasons, I listened to press conferences before I realized there was nothing there but talking heads. Needless to say, she, my intuition, wasn’t “speaking” to me. I had no sense of being on track. I would need a new game plan!

Accidently or serendipitously, I began watching their hype videos, their games, reading books written about the team, listening to personal and professional interviews, and listening to so much sports radio that I would respond to the radio while driving. I don’t know why she was present. My guess is that she is nourished by my casual attention and small actions. Eventually and quietly, I began satisfying the pull of learning about or maybe from Greatness. I learned that their Greatness grew from and was rooted in details; exact wording, well-crafted preparation, flexibility, and intelligence. I’m sure passion, consistency, self-awareness and looking inward to access belief and trust in yourself and your teammates creates a strong and agile foundation for the daily detailed work of accessing, maintaining, and deepening their Greatness.

But I can’t help but wonder why is this knowledge relevant? Am I supposed to be great at something? If so, what is it? And the greatest question for me on greatness is why am I being “taught” or shown the way to greatness.

Recently, there was a BIG win for this team. I felt happy and pleased for their fairy tale ending. Only thing was, it didn’t feel like an ending to me. This volume of their story was complete while she was “telling” me to go deeper……but why?

A Sideline note: While editing this post, I took a break to watch the news. Instead of the news, a program about this team was beginning. Is this a coincidence? I can only wonder…


I Knew… I Said

i-knew-i-saidI grew up in a house where my accomplishments weren’t recognized or wanted. I believe my mother didn’t want her daughter to be smarter than her or more accomplished or more capable. As a child, she told me not to try so I wouldn’t fail. So to please her, that is what I did. I didn’t care about school work. I didn’t receive any support, anyway. When something was confusing or if I didn’t know how to think about something or how to acquire knowledge about something…. I was on my own. I always did well enough but didn’t live up to my potential. Losing out on feeling a sense of accomplishment, liberation, and emotional expansion that living to your potential bestows.

Interestingly enough, the expectation was that I was to go to college. In retrospect, how my mother justified denying me access to academic success but felt compelled to be sure I attended college baffles me. This inner conflict led me to live life carrying this sense of a lack of foundation and support while pursing any interests. I didn’t feel secure or grounded as I moved thru life.

While I lived frightfully unmoored, she, my highest self, told  me, through words and a knowing sensation, that I would go to graduate school. I heard her, believed her, didn’t question her, didn’t know who she was that was leaving me yet another bread crumb to guide me and send a signal that she can always help me. But I wouldn’t become intuitively open enough to allow her consistent help for decades.

I was barely making it thru college. But miraculously, I was saved by spending a semester in London. This semester introduced me to a friend that questioned the belief system I was raised with. This new world view returned me to the USA with clarity and support that lead to a senior year with a much improved GPA. With my college degree, I set out into the work force remembering what she, my highest self, said. As I worked, I kept an eye out for when this Master’s Degree was to happen. I felt the destiny. My human self, stayed open to complying. I still have no idea how these 2 parts of me worked together. One part very aware of my spiritual truth and complying while another part internally questioning why I believed her.

About eight years into my work life, destiny opened the door and graduate school began. Yes, it’s easy to say, that I used my free will, identified a school, applied, and was accepted and therefore lived out my destiny. But it never felt like that… It felt like I was given a peek into my future by her. It felt like she was leading, guiding, and showing me the way. I never planned it or pushed it. Looking back, somehow and from someplace within, I simply opened to it and followed.

“Who ever thought YOU would be graduating from graduate school!”, a couple family members affirmed at graduation. I smiled and knowingly said “I knew I would be graduating from graduate school, I knew……”